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God Reflected: Metaphors for Life

People often search for God's will for their lives, especially when faced with a decision, tragedy, or death. But what is meant by God's will? How does God act? How do they imagine the person and character God? This book surveys a variety of images for God, drawn from the Christian tradition and set within cultural contexts, including God as lord and master, as patriarch, as merciful father, as nurturing parent, as one who suffers with us, as one in relation, as energy for life. These are all metaphors that tell us important things about God, but do not define or confine who God is. As the chapters move through the metaphors, God's will is less about controlling action and more about encouraging life for all. Ultimately, the book redefines power, God's power and ours. "God Reflected" is helpful for those looking for new ways to imagine God and to find answers for questions about God's presence in their lives.